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School Tours

Since 1997 we have been providing school tours from Boarding Schools to colleges we offer to incoming freshmen or students looking to transfer will far exceed your expectations. ACS advisors can personally arrange for all hotel bookings and airport transfers for students and families coming to town to tour schools. We are able to create unique dining itineraries based on your tastes and preferences for each night you are here to give you and your family a feel for the city.
We will connect you with a professional that will coordinate your on-campus tours and admissions meetings for the colleges you wish to see, and a member of our staff will be available to accompany you for each visit to ensure an overall high quality experience and to answer any questions you or your group may have about the city. For the duration of your stay, We will be at your service to provide any additional assistance you may require. This includes but is not limited to leisure and social events, additional tours of Boston, New Hampshire, Connecticut and beyond.