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ACS Premier Accounts

ACS | Premier Chauffeured Service Ltd. Since 1997 we have been providing highly personalized, fast, convenient and reliable Business Travel services all over the world. We're driven to do more for our clients. For your business. For you.

Why should you open a ACS Premier Account

  • Manage usage and access to your company account so employees can use it according to your guidelines and policies.
  • View the history and all past, future reservations and invoices.
  • Get reservations and invoices sent to you by email so you can manage your expenses with ease.

  • How do you set up a ACS Premier Corporate Account?

    For your convenience we offer you the opportunity to open an account using one of the two ways.
    Direct Corporate Billing Account ($2000.00+ per month min.)

    To Set up a Direct Billing Account download our credit card authorization form. Download
    A corporate account number will be assigned for your company. All employees eligible to use this account will have the number in their profile. Your monthly statement will track the usage of this account and an invoice will be sent for direct payment or can be charged to a corporate credit card.
    And you can trust your billing will be accurate, with detailed management information available to view online.

    Corporate or Personal Credit Card Accounts

    To Set up a Credit Card Billing Account Click here.. You or your company will be assigned an account number. However Your employees will reference this account number in their profile,  No monthly statements will be sent out. Billing will be done on the day of service.  We accept all major credit cards: American Express, Discover, Master card, and Visa.